Virtual-organist.com is a collection of recorded hymn accompaniments. These can be replayed to accompany singing in corporate worship, or included in services broadcast on the internet.

The collection came into being during the Covid-19 outbreak of 2020, when corporate worship was not possible, and the only services were live-streamed or podcast. A variety of styles quickly developed from modern praise services to videos of formal liturgical celebrations. Many people said they liked to sing along with hymns, for which traditional hymns with church organ accompaniment served best. There was also an issue of copyright for items streamed or podcast.

All the hymns on this site are in the public domain, both words and tunes. I have added some of my own harmonies, so the recordings remain my property, and can be used without charge for worship, either on-line or congregational, but not for commercial purposes.

You will find the recorded accompaniments and the words of the hymns on the hymn pages, which you can access from the menu above. Each of the accompaniment tracks starts with a short introduction in unison, as would be common in a church service.

New hymn pages will be added on a regular basis.

Details about how the recordings are made can be found on the About page.

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