God is love: his the care

Pesonent Hodie (Theodoric). Arr. G.Holst

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God is love: his the care,
tending each, everywhere.
God is love–all is there!
Jesus came to show him,
that mankind might know him.

Sing aloud, loud, loud!
sing aloud, loud, loud!
God is good! God is truth!
God is beauty! Praise him!

None can see God above;
all have here man to love;
thus may we Godward move,
finding him in others,
holding all men brothers.

Sing aloud, loud, loud…

Jesus lived here for men,
strove and died, rose again,
rules our hearts, now as then;
for he came to save us
by the truth he gave us.

Sing aloud, loud, loud!

To our Lord praise we sing-
light and life, friend and King,
coming down love to bring,
pattern for our duty,
showing God in beauty.

Sing aloud, loud, loud!                Percy Dearmer (1935)

Added: 15 May 2022

Organ: Little Waldingfield

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